About Me

Being vegan for some is a difficult transition to make. For others, the idea of it seems expensive. Hi, I'm Selange, a classically French-trained chef, vegan, and hold a nutrition and dietetics degree from Dominican University. While in culinary school, my mentor explained that veganism represented less than five percent of the culinary world. So if I wanted to work, I needed to know how the dishes tasted. Not an easy task, but I navigated it with a bit of creative maneuvering.  

During my culinary career of twenty-plus years, I prepare various meats, fish, even poultry. Using the flavor profiles, I've been able to create recipes that are reminiscent of these dishes, using plant-based ingredients. 

I've since left the culinary world and traded chef knives for textbooks. In 2020 I graduated from Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois, with a Bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics. With higher education often comes student loan debt. Having student debt also means having to reduce expenses and following a budget. So I created "I'm Vegan, Now What" as a source for plant-based, low-cost recipes. Whether you have $5 or $50, you'll have the ability to create 5-star meals for you, your family, and friends to enjoy.